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A great paint job can completely transform the exterior or interior of a house. But how do you achieve a “great” paint job? There are three important ingredients to a successful paint project: choosing the right painting company, using the right paint, and choosing the right colors. Let us help you make the right decisions.


1.) Will the price of the bid change after the completion of all the work?

Our estimates don’t change, unless the scope of the work changes and the customer signs a change order before new work begins.

2.) How long will the job take to complete?

We can give you an accurate time frame, so you can plan your schedule accordingly.

3.) Will the painting surfaces be cleaned prior to application of material?

All our exteriors are pressure washed prior to painting to ensure proper adhesion of primer/paint.

4.) What surfaces will you prime?

Typically previous painted surfaces will not need to be primed. All bare wood/metal, new drywall, & shiny surfaces should be primed with an appropriate high quality primer. Self-priming paint is always a great choice.

5.) How many coats of paint will be applied?

Unless it is a certified 1 coat product, all exterior work should have 2 coats applied.

6.) Will the jobsite be cleaned at the end of the each day?

Our jobsites sites stay clean through out the entire painting process. At the end of each day, we remove masking materials from all windows, doors, lights, etc., and neatly stack our equipment in an out of the way place.

7.) Will I be 100% satisfied with my painting experience?

We don’t expect payment until the job is 100% completed and we have met or exceeded all of the customers expectations.


Priming ensures better adhesion of paint to the surface, increases paint durability, and provides additional protection for the material being painted. It can also be used to block and seal stains, or to hide a color that is to be painted over.

Advantages of self-priming paint.

  • Ensures no bare wood, metal, or other “must” prime areas get missed.
  • Erases the labor cost of having to “spot” prime areas that need priming.
  • It’s a superior product that will last longer.
  • Your paint costs are typically only 10 to 20% of your total bill. Labor costs are the other 80 to 90%. Paying a little extra for high quality paint today, can save you a lot of money tomorrow.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) refers to organic chemical compounds which have significant vapor pressures and which can affect the environment and human health. VOCs are numerous, varied, and ubiquitous. Although VOCs include both man-made and naturally occurring chemical compounds, it is the anthropogenic VOCs that are regulated, especially for indoors where concentrations can be highest.

Advantages of zero VOC paint

  • Paint is proven to “off gas” harmful VOC’s years after it has been applied.
  • Zero VOC paint is healthier for the painter, you, and your family.
  • It is safer for the environment.
  • Zero VOC paint is comparable in price to other high quality paints.
  • Using environmentally friendly products will help increase the value of your home.
  • It is the same quality or better than other premium paints.


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